An Exhortation to Righteousness – Hebrews 3:7-19

Reading Acts

After his discussion of Jesus and Moses, the author of Hebrews offers a brief exhortation based upon the experience of Israel. He alluded to Psalm 95 and Israel’s rebellion in the wilderness in 3:7-11, concluding with the Lord’s judgment on that generation: “they will never enter my rest.” Israel had already experienced God’s great salvation in Egypt (the Exodus) and his continuing provision for them in the Wilderness. But they lost sight of the goal (the Promised Land) and some rebelled and wanted to return to Egypt.

EncouragementThe writer encourages his readers to avoid this “sinful, unbelieving heart.” Heart does not mean the emotions since the “heart” refers to a person’s will. Just as some wanted to give up and return to Egypt, it is possible there are some readers who are considering giving up on the Christian church and returning to the Synagogue. Their “sinful and unbelieving heart” deceives…

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