Bags of Gold


Matthew 25:14-30

Before we get started, let’s remember our context, Jesus is still giving His answer to this question: “what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” (24:3). Also, please don’t forget this is a parable, and they are not meant to be understood literally.

OK, so here we have a master, three servants, various amounts of money and a trip. The master gives each servant a certain amount of money, according to their ability, and leaves on an extended trip. While he is gone, the servants are to protect the master’s interests, and so the first two put the money to work for the master, and by the time he returns, they have each doubled his money. The third is fearful and cautious; he buries the money out back, and returns it intact, if damp and muddy, to his master. The master’s…

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