You Don’t Need All The Answers

Samaritan's Song

I sit at the desk, Bible clasped in my hands.  “So, Lord,” I pray, “I really need a word from you right now.  And what I hope is that you’ll guide me to what it is I need to see, to a truth that will guide me and help me forward from here.”

I let the Bible fall open.  I stab a verse with my finger and read it.  Sometimes it applies, powerfully so, in a way that makes me gasp.  Sometimes it’s from the long string of “begats” in the New Testament, and I shrug.  Better luck next time?

I’m certain I am not the only believer who has done this, or engaged in some form of it.  We set limits or constraints, little trials, and then wait for God to speak through them in a meaningful way.  We open the Bible and ask for God to speak…

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