Christianity is Evidence Based – The Need for Christian Schools – Letters

After visiting a local secondary school here in Dundee, yesterday and experiencing first hand the devastation that secular humanistic atheist doctrines are wrecking on our childrens minds, lifes and souls, I have come to the conclusion that education is the number one issue facing us today.  Thats why this ongoing debate in the press is important.  Here is my latest reply to the Secularists campaign  – you can see the previous exchange here

(I note in passing that whilst I am happy to post the secularist letters to enable you to see them for yourselves, Secular Scotland do not do the same.  They post Robert Cannings letters usually with some exultant comment about how he has ‘destroyed me’ but never post any of the responses.  It is a reminder of how our militant atheistic secularists work – they have a doctrine and they cannot abide even considering that that doctrine…

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