Samaritan's Song

God has His reasons.

Christians say that a lot when life doesn’t go according to plan.  I’ve said it myself.  But I’m rethinking how much I say it lately.  Because implied in God has His reasons is the comfort that one day we’ll know what those reasons are and they will be justifiable to us – if not soon, on earth, then when we finally get to Heaven and talk to Him at last.

Whew, we’ll say, I was really wondering what you were thinking when you allowed that unforeseen health crisis to happen and I was uninsured.  At the time it seemed like the worst thing imaginable, but I know You had Your reasons, so…

And God will say, “Oh, right.  Well, see, I knew that you’d have that inheritance coming down the pike and it would all work out in the end, so, no harm no foul.” 

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