30 January 1819 Birth of Jonas Meyer, Orthodox, Reform and Messianic Jew #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Meyer, Rev. Jonas Theodor, was born in Crivitz, a small town in Mecklenberg, January 30, 1819, and died in New Jersey, March 14, 1896.


His early Hebrew education he received from a Polish Jew in the Cheder, and then he was sent to relatives in Schwerin, where he studied in the Gymnasium, so that at the age of fifteen he was in the first class. As far as religion is concerned, he was taught to fear God, but he knew very little of the love of God, so that he only lived to appease the divine wrath by ascetic practices and good works. This did not satisfy his soul, and he resorted to worldly pleasures, but neither did he find satisfaction in them.


At this juncture he met with the writings of Raphael Samson Hirsch, the then leader of orthodoxy, and with those of mystic Plessner, which awakened him somewhat from…

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