Our Saviour Chooses for Us

He Hath Said

He shall choose our inheritance for us.- Psalm 47:4

The Christian is always pleased and delighted when he can see Christ in the Scriptures. If he can but detect the footstep of his Lord, and discover that the sacred writers are making some reference to Him, however indistinct or dark he will rejoice there at: for all the Scriptures are nothing except as we find Christ in them. St. Austin says, “The Scriptures are the swaddling bands of the man-child-Christ Jesus, and were all intended to be hallowed garments in which to wrap Him “So they are; and it is our pleasant duty to lift the veil, or remove the garment of Jesus and so behold Him in His person, in His nature, or His offices.

Now, this text is concerning Jesus Christ-He it is who is to “choose our inheritance for us,” He in whom dwelleth all the treasures…

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