Samaritan's Song

Ever found yourself sighing over the “prosperity gospel”?  Side-eyeing books like The Secret?  Wondering when “sending positive energy” and “giving good thoughts” to others became the norm?  Ever felt the slight discomfort that a lot of the feel-good language pervading the church seems distinctly secular and not so theologically sound?

If so, L.L. Martin’s Positively Powerless: How A Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity will be worth your time.  A disclaimer here: I know Martin through this here blog of mine (and through Martin’s blog Enough Light) and we tend to have similar views, so perhaps I was predisposed to like this book from the beginning.  With that said, I’m reviewing this book with the same critical eye I give to all the texts I approach.

This book functions in two unique ways.  First, it offers the history of the New Thought movement – a good-energy good-vibes self-affirming positive-thinking make-it-happen…

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