The Evidence of Science – Apol 101 – no.3

This is the third article in my apologetics 101 series on Christian Today   In it we deal with the question of whether science is evidence for or against God.

  1. An Apologia for Apologetics
  2. The Atheist Demand for Evidence

“Show me the evidence.” Last week we looked at why this apparently reasonable request is difficult to answer because of pride (“I am capable of judging the evidence”) and prejudice (“there can be no evidence”). You can read the original article here.

The reaction was interesting, not least when it came to the question “What evidence for God would you accept?” Not one person who tweeted/blogged/e-mailed was able to say what evidence for God they would accept. It appears that people can accept plenty evidence against God, but there is nothing that they would accept as evidence for God, because such evidence can, and always will be, explained away.

Why is…

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