Open Invitation


open invitation

“Now go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see.” So the servants brought in everyone they could find, good and bad alike, and the banquet hall was filled with guests. (Matthew 22:9-10)

Read: Exodus 15:19-17:7, Matthew 22:1-33, Psalm 27:1-6, Proverbs 6:20-26

Relate: I can’t stand the suburbs. Sorry if that is where you live, but it is just not for me. My heart is for cities. I love the noise, and the sights, and the food, and most of all the people. I also enjoy the great outdoors. Although I have found country living isn’t my thing, I do enjoy going out to the countryside for visits and vacations. There is something beautiful about being out there somewhere where the nearest neighbor is a half mile away and a stroll through the back yard really means a three day hike through the woods.

What I cannot stand is the suburbs. I…

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