Solas Centre for Public Christianity is a media and training ministry dedicated to spreading the light of Jesus Christ – from the public square to the public house, from the pews to the people – as part of the joint effort we all must be making to re-evangelize Europe.

  • MEDIA: Bringing Christianity into the public square, Solas CPC interacts with both the secular and the Christian media (print, online, radio and tv) defending a biblical Christian world view and seeking to bring the good news of Jesus Christ through the media.
  • MEDIA AWARENESS: Solas CPC produces a range of resources (Solas Magazine, books, web video series, podcasts) designed to inform Christians how their world view is influenced by the media messages they absorb as well as to encourage and equip them for persuasive evangelism through the local church.
  • TRAINING: Through various conferences, seminars and training courses Solas CPC seeks to build up Christians for…

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