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c151aa5023c4d84301099e4738647b15Lambano is not an Italian word, but you can be forgiven if you think it looks like one. In fact, it looks very much like something you’d order off a menu at your favorite Italian eatery. Lambano is actually a Greek word, and it’s a word that John used over 40 times in his Gospel. It’s a good, useful word that is usually translated as “took” or “receive.” When we ad the prefix para to lambano, it becomes paralambano, and the meaning changes considerably. Para means, “to come along side.” So paralambano means to “take” or “receive something to ones self.”  Using John’s Gospel as our jumping off point, let’s consider three different kinds of “taking.”

Rejection, John 1:11

He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. (TNIV)

This small verse tells of a big failure. Jesus Christ, the Son of God…

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