Retain Christian Education – The Debate Continues

Letter: Retain Christian education

The Courier & Advertiser 6 Feb 2016
Dear Editor,

John Munro (Feb 2nd) asks what I mean by Christian beliefs.  Its not difficult – I mean those beliefs shared by all Christians as expressed in the Apostles Creed – held in common by Catholics, Presbyterians, Anglicans and others.  It is also a bit of a cheap jibe for Mr Munro to say that my beliefs seem identical with Sarah Palin’s – I suspect she doesn’t even know what the Apostle Creed is!   But sadly this kind of superior “I know better than you do about your own beliefs’ is all too typical of the atheistic secularist approach.   Mr Munro says he knows of no person who wants schools to promote atheism, I know many.  And yet he then goes on to say that schools and parents should not promote religious ideas.  I do agree with him…

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