The Simplicity of Stars

Samaritan's Song

Did you know that in certain places around the world there are “dark-sky preserves”?

These are geographical areas in the world where the sky is free of any artificial light pollution or skyglow: where the darkness is considered to be “true.”  Wikipedia keeps a list of these places; perhaps you live near one.  Most of us don’t.

Dark-sky preserves generally exist and are distinguished for their astronomical purpose; the “true” darkness there makes it easier to identify and see celestial bodies.  But scholars point out that in these areas, even a casual observer will be astonished by the way stars look in a truly dark sky.  What we tend to see in our daily lives – even those beautiful starry nights that catch our attention – are faded versions of what a real starry sky must look like.

I love stars and star-watching.  I live near a large city…

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