Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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There are many arguments that have been forwarded for the existence of God. Peter Kreeft, a Professor of Philosophy, lists some 20 of them (1). A few of the more commonly known & discussed arguments would be from Big Bang Cosmology (the Kalam Argument), teleology (the appearance of design in the universe), objective morality (that objective morality demands a transcendent law which can only come from God), the reality of miracles, religious experience & Jesus’ resurrection (the resurrection as the best historical explanation of the facts). Other arguments for God’s also exist (from conscience, aesthetics, desire, truth etc.). Some of these are particularly convincing in my view & I therefore feel rationally justified in my belief – most persuasive is Jesus’ resurrection which is supplemented by religious experience, the reality of miracles & the Kalam Cosmological Argument, to name a few. These arguments are usually represented in a deductive…

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