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Quote of the Day

“It is a great thing, this reading of Scriptures! For it is not possible to ever exhaust the mind of the Scriptures. It is a well that has no bottom.”

John Chrysostom

Worth Reading

Why It Is Beneficial To Learn Greek And Hebrew Even If You Lose It

“The pressures of the higher education bubble continue to expand as administrative costs swell, and a new generation is wondering how practical overly expensive tuition is. Because of these reasons, and many more, seminaries are rethinking their curriculum and taking a critical look at certain subjects.”

Tools For Studying The Hebrew Bible

“This site aims to teach students how to use a set of specialized tools for the study of the Hebrew text of the Hebrew Bible (henceforth, the Bible).”

Is Scheduling A Spiritual Discipline?

“Could your calendar app be part of faithfulness in the Christian life?”

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