Undiluted Calvinism, Christian Education and Local Government – Todays letters and reports in the Press!


It’s been a busy day in the media for yours truly!

Letters: A watered-down Christianity is not what this country needs

The Herald 19 Feb 2016

KENNY MacAskill in his very interesting and stimulating article (“I might not ‘do religion’ but I praise the work of our faiths”, The Herald, February 16) speaks of the “the stultification and suffocation brought about by undiluted Calvinism”. I wonder what he means by “undiluted Calvinism”?

Is he aware of what Calvinism actually is? Of course there was some “suffocation” but I suspect it has been greatly exaggerated … and pales into insignificance compared with the suffocation caused by undiluted nationalism and statism.  Perhaps we should ask: what have the Calvinists ever done for us? Apart from being catalysts for education, democracy and the Enlightenment?

I suspect that Mr MacAskill is just indulging in a few prejudices of his own, safe in the knowledge…

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