Thy Father and Thy Love

He Hath Said

Put me to sea, and let the ship be driven along, that wind is my Father’s breath let the clouds gather, they are the dust of my Father’s feet; let the waterspout appear from heaven, it is my Father dipping His hand in the laver of His earthly temple. The child of God feareth nothing. All things are his Father’s; and divested now of everything that is terrible, he can look upon them with complacency, for he says, “The clouds are the dust of His feet.”

“He drives His chariot through the sky,
Beneath His feet His thunders roar;
He shakes the earth, He veils the sky,
My soul, my soul, this God adore-
He is thy Father, and thy love.”

Fall down before His feet and worship Him, for He hath loved thee by His grace. You know there are many fearful events which may befall us; but we…

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