Is Socialism Satanic?

Why has the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals gone all political?

It was to say the least, an interesting prayer meeting. The former missionary from Northern Ireland stood up and prayed fervently that the Lord would deliver us from the evils of homosexuality, abortion, nationalism and socialism.   Afterwards when I was speaking to him, I called over three of my elders. ‘Donald, what’s your politics?” “Oh, I’m a true blue Tory”. My missionary friend nodded approvingly. ‘What about you Angus?” “I can’t stand the Tories, I’m a nationalist through and through.” “And you Ross?” “I’m a socialist”.   The look on my friends face was priceless….’but, but…these are good and godly men”. “Indeed they are”, I told him, ” and you will never pray in this prayer meeting again using political criteria rather than biblical”.

A couple of years later I was sitting at a conference in the US when…

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