Using Inference to the Best Explantion: What Caused the Birth of Christology?


Over on Larry Hurtado’s blog, he discusses some of N.T Wright’s work as well as some of the issues with the early Jesus devotion issue. If you aren’t familiar with Hurtado’s work, 
Derek Leman summarizes Hurtado’s work when he says: 

“What did the early believers do in their descriptions of Yeshua’s exalted status and what did they not do? They did describe him on a level equal with God (“the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God”). They corporately and individually showed devotion to him in ways reserved by Jews for God alone (hymns, prayer in his name, prayer to him, calling on him, a ritual meal in his presence, creeds about him, and in some cases prophecies given by him from heaven). They obeyed him, believed they were in him, believed he was present, imitated him, and received mysterious communication from him giving them
guidance and…

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