On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

25 February 1870 Death of Henrik Hertz, Danish poet and playwright

hertz poet

Bernstein summarises:

Hertz, Henrik, Danish poet, born at Copenhagen, August 25, 1798; died there February 25, 1870. He embraced Christianity in 1832. His dramatic works alone comprise eighteen volumes and were published in 1854-73.


A fuller article here:

HERTZ, HENRIK (1797-1870), Danish poet, was born of Jewish parents in Copenhagen on the 25th of August 1798. In 1817 he was sent to the university. His father died in his infancy, and the family property was destroyed in the bombardment of 1807. The boy was brought up by his relative, M. L. Nathanson, a well-known newspaper editor. Young Hertz passed his examination in law in 1825. But his taste was all for polite literature, and in 1826-1827 two plays of his were produced, Mr Burchardt and his Family and Love and Policy; in 1828 followed the comedy of

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