Is Capitalism Satanic?

Is capitlism satanic

The best introduction to a talk I have ever heard was when I heard an African American at the Twin Lakes Conference begin his talk with the following words:  “Well, here I am. A black guy.  With 200 plus mostly white guys.  In Mississippi.  In the woods.  It ain’t looking good!”  I thought it was funny.  As did, as far as I could gather, most of the people there.    But what surprised me was that there were those who were not pleased.  I’m not sure why.  Did they not want to be reminded of the not too distant racist past of much of their culture?  Did some of that still remain?   Whatever the reason it was clear that the speaker had touched upon a still deeply sensitive issue. Over the past couple of days I have been reminded of that.

It is a cultural thing.   Most people in Europe would regard…

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