An Ascetic Fragment from Montserrat: Aphorisms of Paul of Tamma and Anoup

Alin Suciu

In the latest issue of the Journal of Coptic Studies, Sofía Torallas Tovar (University of Chicago) brings to our attention an unidentified Sahidic parchment fragment currently kept in the Montserrat Abbey, situated near Barcelona (P. Monts. Roca inv. no. 735).[1] This used to be in the possession of Father Ramón Roca-Puig, a monk of the Montserrat Abbey, who left his collection of manuscripts to the monastery after his death in 2001.

P. Monts. Roca inv. no. 735 belonged to a miniature codex (5 cm height x 5.8 cm width). Although the folio is paginated 35-36, the upper right corner the verso features the signature of the quire 15 (ⲓⲉ). Codicologically, this indicates that the scribe started anew the pagination of the manuscript, but he numbered consecutively the quires. Discontinuous pagination is a well-documented practice in some Coptic codices.

The fragment seems to contain vestiges of two different…

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