Samaritan's Song

I once dated a guy who intended to be a pastor.

He went to a Bible college; all his friends were either Christians from the youth group he led or from his church.  He listened to only Christian music and went to only Christian concerts, he read only explicitly Christian books, and he attended only specifically Christian events.

I attended a secular college, which he found disconcerting; he glanced around, uncertain and nervous, every time he dropped by to pick me up.  He didn’t really know what to do with me when I expressed little interest in dating by the numbers from a Christian handbook.  He loved my Christian friends, but was unnerved by the non-believers I knew and made every effort to avoid them.

Will he be a good pastor?  Probably.  He’s accustomed to dealing with Christians, and most churches are filled to the brim with them.  But will…

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