The Augustine and Pelagian Controversy: Grace and Conclusion

For His Glory

Authors Note: This is the fourth and last post in a short series on The Augustine and Pelagian Controversy. You can read the first post here, the second posthere and the third post here.

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This section is a continuation the yesterday’s post The Augustine and Pelagian Controversy: Augustine

Augustine begins his doctrine of grace with the notion that man is in need of grace because of original sin. Augustine argues that men are partakers of sin in Adam; God created man to be perfect and with free will.[1] Adam was given grace to be able keep his uprightness by choosing good, but instead he used his free will and disobeyed. By this act, all of humanity is guilty of Adam’s sin.

Grace is help from God to be able to obey Him. Grace consists of all external help from God for salvation, such…

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