Transfigured Hermeneutics—Part 5: The High Priest and the New Temple

Alastair's Adversaria

The fifth part of my ten part series on the Transfiguration went online earlier. Within this post, I discuss Temple and priestly themes within the gospel accounts of the Transfiguration:

In light of Jesus’ revelation as the great and glorious High Priest, the sacrificial character of his death becomes more apparent. As Jesus sets his face towards his death in Jerusalem, he unveils himself as the archetypal High Priest and Son over the heavenly sanctuary. Jesus is not overtaken by events nor cornered by the political machinations and conspiracies of his enemies: he goes to the cross with the power and determination of the heavenly High Priest who will accomplish his sacrifice.

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See the previous four parts here:

1. Introduction
The structure of Luke’s gospel reveals the importance of the Transfiguration for his narrative.

2. Transfiguration and Exodus
Luke’s account of the Transfiguration is…

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