John 7:16-18 (The Litmus Test)


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So Jesus told them, “My message is not my own; it comes from God who sent me. Anyone who wants to do the will of God will know whether my teaching is from God or is merely my own. Those who speak for themselves want glory only for themselves, but a person who seeks to honor the one who sent him speaks truth, not lies. (John 7:16-18)

Read: Proverbs 8:1 – 10:32

Relate: Arnold Villanueva. I bet you have never heard of the guy, but I am also willing to bet he had an impact on your high school (or junior high) education. Do you remember taking one of those little strips of paper and putting it into “unknown” fluids to see if the strip would turn a different color? A red paper turning blue means you are dealing with a base. A blue paper turning red shows that…

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