For His Glory


Quote of the Day

“Don’t give up! Don’t get discouraged! I have read the end of the book! We win!”

Desmond Tutu

Worth Reading

Word Studies 3 – The Process

“Once you have identified a specific term that you want to study, what do you do?  There’s a short answer and a longer one.  The longer one will always feed your soul more, so go there when you can.”

The Power of Slowing Down Your Bible Study

“I enjoyed my Hebrew courses. I like languages. And one of the first big rewards of learning Hebrew is translating a small book like Jonah or Ruth. I say it’s a reward, because it is fun; you get a sense of satisfaction that you’ve actually learned something.”

Questions to Ask the Text

“One of the challenges of Bible reading, and preaching for that matter, is that we often start with the wrong questions…

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