Apologetics 101 – no. 6 – How Can We Believe in a God who Allows Evil and Suffering


Suffering and evil is often seen as ‘the problem’ – and yet for the atheist it is a bigger problem than for the Christian.  This article in the apologetics 101  series on Christian Today explains why – click here to see the original article

How can we believe in a God who allows evil and suffering?

It was embarrassing. The two humanists on the panel were having a collective nightmare. As we discoursed on the nature of evidence, creation and the Bible, they were struggling more and more to make a coherent case for their atheism. Until at last one cracked. Red faced and angry he just blurted out: “How can you believe in a God who allows suffering?” It wasn’t the subject of the evening, but this was his last desperate attempt to justify not believing in the God of the Bible.

For some…

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