Does Society Still Value Freedom?

Freedom Through Empowerment

The theme of freedom has been popping up several times lately,  which for me usually signals the beginning labor pains of a  blog post struggling to be released. The sooner I tackle it, the quicker I can get some relief, thus today’s post.

It all started with ColorStorm’s “Finally, Utopia”, written with his usual trademark wit layered over deep truths.  What is utopia really, but a place where all your needs are cared for?  Sounds great, right?  What if in return though basic control of your life was handed over to others? Is that a good deal?  To some it would seem so and I encourage you to read the post to find out why.

Next we have Citizen Tom’s “Manipulated Again?”, a dead on portrayal of how we allow ourselves to be swayed by negative political campaigns and thus open the door to very, very poor…

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