No prophet is accepted in the prophet’s hometown

Church Set Free

I sometimes sit in church and wonder why we spend so much money, raise so much money, commit to so much for countries so far away.  I sometimes sit and wonder why we have services geared to slide-shows, prayers, video presentations, homecoming talks from those who have been to those far away countries.

I have nothing against missionaries. I have nothing against giving money and/or time.  We should be helping these poor oppressed people – the bible says so.  And my annual income is way bigger than these poor foreign oppressed people.  So I can use my wallet.  And in thanks for “my wallet” I get to see a really lovely bunch of photos and a slick video presentation some way down the road.

I remember being in church when one such talk/presentation had concluded. After thanking the person for their hard work and lovely pictures, the worship leader made a throwaway comment with a smile –…

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One thought on “No prophet is accepted in the prophet’s hometown

  1. Good post; it made me thought tangent to another point of how some people I know what to go on missions as their ministry because I suspect it offers the opportunity to reinvent themselves more than it is about reaching people, even people locally where it’s less glamorous. This of course don’t take away from the need of actual missions and people called to it.

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