In an age where some pastors are buying personal jets, getting into debt, or stealing from their members, a book on Paul and Money is vital. Though there are books that deal with the subject of money in the Bible, one of the authors (Verbrugge) discovered that that were no “comprehensive book[s] on the issue of Paul and money – that is, how the apostle interacted with the Jewish and Greco-Roman world of finance” (19). Having both written books on 1 Corinthians, Verbrugge and Krell came together to fill the gap and write the “comprehensive book on… Paul and money” that the church has been lacking.

However this book is about more than how one should simply spend their money. It looks at Paul’s style of leadership over his churches.

  • He doesn’t ask for money to support himself from the Corinthians, but he does ask for them to give money…

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