Should Smacking be made Illegal?

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, use the Hand and go to Jail

 The Liberal Democrats are putting it in their manifesto. The Children’s minister, Aileen Campbell says she wants it. And Tam Bailey, the Children’s commissioner for Scotland regards it as essential.   So that’s it. The great and good, backed up by ‘research’ have told us this is what a ‘progressive’ society does and so it is inevitable that ‘progressive Scotland’ will follow.   We are of course talking about smacking. In Scotland it is already illegal to use a physical implement so smacking here means giving a child a tap on the hand or a smack on the bottom.

Listening to Tam Bailey speaking on the BBC this morning was depressing. This is a man employed by the State to help look after our children and he advocates the criminalizing of parents who discipline their child.   But…

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