1 March 1349 Jews blamed for Black Death #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

1 March 1349 Black Death reaches Worms where 580 Jews commit suicide rather than face death at the stake

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Adapted from Jspace:

The Jewish community of Worms on the Rhine, which is one of the oldest in Germany, is reached by the Black Death Persecutions. The alderman of Worms sentences the Jews to death at the stake, but they set fire to their own houses and more than 580 die in the flames.

The Black Death—the 14th century global pandemic—killed somewhere between 75 million and 200 million people. From 1348 to 1350, approximately half the population of Europe succumbed to the Black Death; it must have seemed like the apocalypse. Every part of medieval society was affected. In villages and cities, graveyards filled with corpses. And no one knew why.


Now we know that fleas on rats carried the plague from China all across Europe. At the time, however, many…

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