Be Mindful Of The Small Things

Samaritan's Song

“Hey,” said my husband.  “There’s a water spot on the ceiling.”

It was roughly the size of a quarter.  Small, but not overly concerning.  Still, we walked down to the basement – and there, too, found a tiny puddle of water.  Huh.  Back up to the coat closet in the hall, where we noticed some bowing in the crown molding on the very back.  We looked at each other and then immediately called the plumber’s emergency number.

And now today, in the brand new house where I’ve lived for roughly a month, there are contractors and plumbers downstairs figuring out how to fix and replace a broken pipe – along with the hallway floor, the closet, and the living room ceiling that were damaged by the leak.

Small symptoms.  Big problem.  (And praise Jesus for the warranties!)

But it brought to mind for me the way that, wrapped up as…

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