We have just relaunched the St Peters website – where you can get all the news about St Petes, hear Sinclairs, Dominics and yours truly sermons, and see what is going on.  We hope that this will be a source of encouragement and help for you all.  You can access the site here –

St Peters Free Church Website

Below is my introductory article.   You can also follow St Peters on Facebook at

Welcome to the renewed St Peters website….and I hope welcome to a renewed St Peters. I realise that some Christians are used to hearing from their leaders/organisations/churches how ‘God is doing a new thing/working in a mighty way’ etc. and that such talk often without subsequent evidence, can breed a certain degree of cynicism – especially in us ‘canny’ Scots.   But we need to be careful that we don’t become too cynical and canny…

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