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3 March 1240 Confiscation and burning of the Talmud in Paris at instigation of Nicholas Donin

Disputation donin

Around 1236, shortly after his conversion to Roman Catholicism, Nicholas Donin of La Rochelle, pressed charges against the Talmud to Pope Gregory IX. According to Donin, the Talmud claims greater authority than the Bible, it blasphemes against God, Jesus and Mary, and contains laws and stories that are outrageous and plainly stupid.

trial of talmud

In 1225, had been Donin was excommunicated from the ghetto of Paris by Rabbi Yechiel of Paris in the presence of the whole community and with the usual ceremonies. Having for ten years lived in the state of excommunication, though still clinging to Judaism, he was baptised into the Catholic Church and joined the Franciscan Order. Some say, however, that he converted well before meeting Rabbi Yechiel of Paris.

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From Zonca 167: Throughout his life, Nicholas Donin made several unsuccessful attempts to…

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