4 March 2014 Clara Rubin’s Love and Latkas #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

4 March 2014 Love and Latkas – Death of Clara Rubin, Pioneer Evangelist and Inspirer of the Modern Messianic Movement #otdimjh


Clara, who passed away in Florida at the age of 97, was one of the pioneers of the 20th-century Jewish Messianic movement and a dedicated evangelist, along with her husband, Joe Rubin, who had previously passed into the presence of the Lord. She was also one of the last living links with Chosen People Ministries’ early work, the Williamsburg Mission to the Jews in Brooklyn. In 1956, the Rubins relocated to Huntington, Long Island, where they served the Lord for the next quarter century.


My Story by Clara Rubin

My parents came from Russia to the United States in 1911. My mother used to tell me stories of the atrocities and pogroms suffered by our people there at Passover time. A gentile child would be hidden, and we Jews would…

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