Church Set Free

It’s been nine years since I took the plunge. Literally.

Nine years ago today I chose to be baptized.


I didn’t have to. I was already imbued with the Holy Spirit. I had walked into the arms of Jesus the summer before. But I chose to make a public declaration.

That prior summer, I was walking around a lake having a conversation with Him. He was answering some of my questions when suddenly I had an epiphany. And I knew. And He held out His arms and I walked into His embrace. And over the next four years, the enemy went on the attack.

Oh, I didn’t know it was the enemy. Not until many years later.

But here’s what his attack looked like.

My house was robbed just before Thanksgiving.

The pastor who baptized me left the church because of his pornography addiction.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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