Building a Pro-Life Scotland

It was my joy and privilege to spend last Saturday afternoon at St Ninians Roman Catholic Centre, speaking a conference organised by the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child.  I say this with shame but it is sad that the pro-life cause is so often identified almost solely with Roman Catholics.  I honour them for that, but where are the Free Church, the Baptists, Charismatics and others?  In theory we all agree it is a bad idea to kill the baby in the womb, but in practice we far too often do too little about it.  And the Church of Scotland is a total disgrace on this issue – once again having caved into the ‘anti-life’ agendas of the secular humanists.  I believe that we need to repent of this and to work with our Catholic brothers and sisters to protect human life.

The conference itself was crowded, and…

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