Stepping Outside Your Demographic

Samaritan's Song

My husband and I know a Christian couple that we often refer to as our “dinner buddies.”

The four of us love to try new restaurants and new foods.  So every month or couple of months, one of us makes a call to the other and we toss a few ideas back and forth and then boom, there we are: four people, one restaurant, and conversation that often goes on over two hours.  Somehow we all just connect.  We get each other.

Oh, and one other thing.  They’re in their sixties.  We’re approaching our mid-thirties.

It occurs to me sometimes that in almost every Sunday School class or small group I’m in, I’d never have met these people.  Classes and studies are often grouped by age and life station; I’ve been in more “young married” and “young professionals” classes than I can count.  The idea, insofar as I can tell…

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