When you pray for a dog, but don’t get one

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe

psalm 55

My oldest daughter started asking for a dog when she was about two years old.

She’s progressed since then.  Mention something about a dog nowadays and she’ll launch into a five-point presentation complete with rebuttals and killer facts about the benefits of dog ownership.

As a preschooler, though, her tactics were simpler. She’d ask for a dog and we’d say ‘no.’

She’d ask why.

Finally my husband told her our house was too small, so she one-upped him.

She started praying for a bigger house.

She then informed us that in heaven when she got her mansion from Jesus, she’d have a dog.

So there.

Despite her persistence (and initial cuteness), we still own a cat.

I’ve been wrestling with this lately, how God tells us to ask for specific requests in prayer and to have faith and believe.

He tells us to persist and persevere, to fast, and to command mountains…

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