6 March 1982 Pope John Paul II explores mystery of Church and Israel #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

6 March 1982 Pope John Paul II’s speech on Jewish-Catholic relations explores mystery of Church and Israel


On March 6, 1982, Pope John Paul II gave a speech regarding Jewish – Catholic relations in which he said:

Our Common spiritual inheritance is particularly significant at the level of our faith in a single God, one, good and merciful, who loves men and leads them to love Him, the master of history and of the destiny of mankind, who is our Father and who chose Israel, the cultivated olive-tree onto which has been grafted the wild-olive branch of the gentiles.

To study ‘relations with Judaism’, the Secretariat for Christian Unity convened a meeting in Rome in 1982, bringing together delegates from the bishops’ conferences of the whole world as well as representatives of the Orthodox churches, the Anglican communion, the World Lutheran Federation and the World Council of Churches.

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This meeting…

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