Anchors Aweigh, My Boys!


sailor-40090_1280.pngMy dad was a sailor, and we love to hear him tell his stories about when he was not quite into his twenties wearing that white “dixie cup”, old photos and all!  Fast forward about 20 years, and I also love the story about when he and my soon-to-be stepmother were dating:

Dad had taken this nice woman for a fun day of sailing on our little Sunfish, when I get a call from Dad saying that the sailboat had caught the wind and had capsized, both he and Jane had been dumped into the cold water, and he had lost his keys (as well as his glasses) in the lake.  Jane’s son (the only one of us kids who had a driver’s license at the time) was coming by to pick up an extra set of keys, and would I please get those ready for him??? 

(In Dad’s defense…

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One thought on “Anchors Aweigh, My Boys!

  1. What gets me every time I read the story of the disciples with Jesus in the boat and the storm is what it must have been like when the storm calmed; I know the Gospels mentioned they marveled and feared Jesus asking “Who is this, the wind even obey Him?” I can’t help but to imagine a bit of reading between the line, how they backed away from Him in total awe and whether they were silent the rest of the boat ride knowing…that God was with them.

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