For His Glory

Author’s Note: This is the fourth and last post in a series on James 2:18-26. You can read the first post (Introduction) herethe second post (The Context)here and the third post (The Analysis of The Text) here. Thank you for reading!


In verse 26 we come to understand that faith without works is a dead faith. This means that this faith cannot and will not save us; we are not justified by such a faith. But to fully comprehend what James is saying here we take a cue from Dr. Alexander Stewart. In his article James, Soteriology, And Synergism he writes, “James’s understanding of ‘works’ (good conduct; putting away anger, moral impurity, and wickedness; speaking rightly; keeping oneself unstained by the world) is equivalent to obedience to God’s law and can be legitimately linked to modem theological discussions of sanctification.”[1]

According to…

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