Crux Sola

Blomberg.jpegI have long respected the work of Dr. Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary). He has written outstanding commentaries on Matthew, 1 Corinthians, and James. He has also penned a number of textbooks and thematic works that bring biblical scholarship to the church. He has gracious answered my questions about his way of doing research.

How do you approach research as a whole? Do you have a big-picture strategy? Do your research all at once, and then write? Do you do some sketching and reflecting on paper and then dig into research? Do you go back and forth?

It all depends on the project.  Most of what I’ve done over the years has come either at someone else’s invitation or been my desire to write something where I have sought approval for the project, and an outlet for it—a conference paper, journal article, book, etc.  Except for some journal articles, this has required having an abstract, set of chapter outlines, or some big picture before starting my work.  Then…

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