Ministry to the Childfree And Those With Nontraditional Families

Samaritan's Song

I mentioned recently that a woman I know lost her husband in a freak accident.

She has two sons, one in college and one graduated from college, and a common refrain from friends and family has been: “Well, at least she has the boys.”  They help with the practical details; they share the weight of the grief.  The thinking is that even though she’s suffered a tremendous loss, she still has something.

I think about that a lot.  I think, too, about the fact that my husband and I have chosen not to have children.  The two of us are a bit of an island; we live five hours away from my parents, a couple hours from his, and farther than that from all the rest of our extended family and friends.  I am painfully aware that if an emergency ever happens, the two of us – perhaps just one…

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