Atheist, Frank, tried to debunk Christ and converted instead.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


Albert Henry Ross (pseudonym Frank Morison, 1881 – 1950) was an advertising agent and freelance writer. He was born in England and he was also a keen colour cinematographer and amateur astronomer (1). As an atheist he was critical of the resurrection of Jesus, and being skeptical he set out to analyse the sources and to write a short paper entitled Jesus – the Last Phase (2). His paper was written in the hope to prove that the resurrection was a myth (3). He is most widely known for his book Who Moved the Stone? The book is authored under his pseudonym Frank Morison, and it was after authoring this book that he became convinced of the truth of the resurrection.

Ross firmly believed in the maxim of the renowned skeptic, Huxley, that, “Miracles do not happen.” Despite his firm commitment to the work and philosophy of 19th century skeptics…

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