jesaja 66:2

Georges Houssney*

(C) Mission Approaches and Islam

In the last twenty years or so, the phrase “Muslim follower of Jesus” has been used to identify those who allegedly accept Christ in their hearts, acknowledge him in their mind, yet still retain their Muslim identity. My big question is: “Can you call yourself a follower of Christ, and by the same breath deny that you are a Christian?”

John Travis (pseudonym), mastermind of the C1-C6 spectrum would say an emphatic “yes.” In an article under the title  “Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa.” Travis (a pseudonym) writes: …

“Messianic Muslims,” follow Christ but remain within the Muslim community….Yet they do not view or call themselves “Christians.” (1)

These are called by Travis, C5 believers. Here is how he defines this group:

“C5 believers identify themselves as “Muslim followers of Jesus”– much like Messianic Jews, who call themselves “Jewish followers of Jesus.”…

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