Samaritan's Song

When I heard the other day that Whole Foods was catching a lot of flack for selling peeled oranges in containers and had agreed to remove them from the shelves, I shook my head and sighed.  “A loss for the lazy,” the New York Post reported, and I had to agree.

What, we can’t even peel our own oranges any more?  It’s a pain, sure, but come on.  Are people really willing to pay extra money just so they don’t have to peel an orange?  Figures.

The crushing conviction came later, when several articles pointed out to me what a lot of the outrage over oranges had missed: many people with disabilities had been delighted by the pre-peeled oranges and were devastated to know they’d no longer be available.

I thought of my third-grade teacher, Mrs. E, whose rheumatoid arthritis had become so bad that her fingers curled in…

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